• DESA Force Teamwork Award

    DESA Warriors Judges Award    DESA Force Excellence, Teamwork, & Robot Skills 2nd Place Awards

    Retro-Bots Teamwork Award    Retro-Bots Teamwork Award


     DESAmators Robotics Team qualified for the 2019-20 Vex IQ Robotics World Championship in Kentucky! 

    DESAmators Vex IQ Excellence Award


    DESA Force qualified for 2019-20 Vex IQ World's Championship in Kentucky!

    DESA Force Vex IQ Design Award


     Stellar Kids were the ANGLeS Apollo 50 North Texas hub Mission Patch design contest winners.

    Stellar Kids N. TX Mission Patch Winners


      De-Sea Bots ROV Team qualified for the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge at the University of Maryland.DE-Sea Bots Underwater Robotics Team


     Infinity Bots qualified for 2018-19 Vex IQ World's Championship in Kentucky!Infinity Bots


    The DESAmator Robotics Team qualified for the 2018 VEX Robotics World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky! - Click image to learn more

    Robotic Team Design Award


     The Blue Atlatians SeaPerch Team (underwater robot) qualified for the 2017 National SeaPerch Challenge - Click image to learn more

    SeaPerch Team

     1st Place Engineering Notebook

    3rd Place Fastest Time in Obstacle Course