• General Information

    Ascher Silberstein Elementary School is a professional learning community dedicated to serving children by challenging their thinking in a metacognitive manner. We provide a safe, secure, and risk-free environment where children can explore new ideas and critical thinking strategies.
    Over the past four years, Ascher Silberstein Elementary has progressively improved student academic achievement. Because we hold ourselves accountable to the learning process, we are able to differentiate instruction for each child thus ensuring that all children are actively engaged in the learning process.
    The school staff warmly embraces parental involvement. We create opportunities to involve parents through community partnerships. We also develop and implement parent academies where we share with parents instructional practices that can be incorporated in the home to support their children's learning.
    Our implementation of best practices is highly coveted. We welcome and encourage colleagues to view our students' high level of academic output. We are pleased to play an integral role in educating our best resources and future leaders—our children.