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    Join Dallas ISD’s Alternative Certification Program and become a certified educator, AT NO COST TO YOU!

    Dallas ISD is looking for degreed professionals interested in transitioning into teaching for critical areas of need:

    • Core Subjects EC–6/ESL with Science of Teaching Reading
    • Bilingual (EC–6)
    • Special Education (EC–12)
    • Math (7–12)
    • Science (7–12)
    • English Language Arts (7–12)/ESL

    Competitive advantages offered to new teaching candidates include:

    Free Tuition and Fees
    Free Tuition & Fees
    High-Quality Professional Development
    High-Quality Professional Development
    Guaranteed Employment
    Guaranteed Employment
    On-Going Program Support
    On-Going Program Support

    For more information, please sign up for an upcoming live info session.  

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    Program Requirements


    Dallas ISD Alternative Certification Program seeks to help candidates that are passionate about the success of students. We provide a substantial amount of support to assist you along the process, however, before doing so there are a few minimal requirements needed to enter the program. Download our Program Checklist Today

    • Online Application
    • Talent Science (Pre Screener) 
    • Professional Resume
    • Bachelor’s degree conferred by an institution of higher education that is recognized by one of the regional accrediting agencies in the THECB.**
    • An overall Grade Point Average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale on Bachelor's degree
    • Completion of Virtual Interview
    • Completion of Background Check & Fingerprinting (click to learn more)***
    • Must be 18 years of age or older
    • Have a favorable TExES exam history

    **Be sure to provide all undergraduate transcripts from all visiting universities and colleges.

    ***Background and Fingerprinting takes place once you have been accepted into the program and before your internship begins. 


     Two (2) official undergraduate transcripts are needed:  

    • One transcript is to be opened by the applicant and uploaded to their online application
    • One transcript must be in a sealed envelope (not opened by applicant) and mailed directly to:

    Dallas ISD Alternative Certification Program

    9400 N Central Expressway Suite 1400

    Dallas, Texas 75231

    Be sure to provide all undergraduate transcripts from all visiting universities and colleges.  The applicant is responsible for uploading his/her transcripts to the application.

    Transcripts can also be emailed from your college or university electronically to alternativecertification@dallasisd.org. (preferred method) 

    Please note, the Educator Preparation Program (Dallas ISD Alternative Certification Program) is not responsible for the calculation of the applicants’ GPA.  If your transcript does not reflect overall/cumulative GPA or is not calculated in a 4.0 GPA scale, you must reach out to your university Registrar’s Office or accredited transcript evaluation company and have them prepare a letter in official letterhead and signed by the university designee with calculation as requested by the EPP. 

    In the event that you are in your last semester of graduation and the application deadline is weeks before your conferred graduation date, you are still able to apply to our program.  You will need to submit in temporary lieu of your official undergraduate transcript a Letter of Intent* from your Registrar's office with the current GPA to be 2.75 or better.  The letter must be in official university letterhead, signed by the appointed designee, and must come directly from the university.  

    Please note that you will need to upload an official transcript (even if your degree is not conferred) to your application.   Once your degree confers, you will need to submit two copies of your final official transcript (one you are uploading to your application and the second copy you are having the university send to us) reflecting degree completion as stated on our admission’s requirements.  

    *The Letter of Intent from the Registrar’s office is an official confirmation of the Degree and Major Pending.  It states where you are in your degree completion stage, date of completion, and current GPA.  


    A Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation (PCHE) is an evaluation of eligibility for a Texas educator certificate based on your self-reported criminal history. As a service to prospective candidates, TEA staff may perform an evaluation for a non-refundable fee of $50. The evaluation is voluntary and non-binding and available on the TEA website.  Please note that you may potentially be ineligible for issuance of a certificate on completion of this EPP if you have been convicted of an offense during your internship. 


    English Language Proficiency

    If a candidate’s bachelor’s degree is from Puerto Rico or a college or university outside of the United States candidates must pass all four parts of the TOEFL-iBT, including a minimum score of 24 on the oral portion, 22 on the listening portion, 22 on the reading portion, and 21 on the writing (Institution Code: 8613).  

    For more information regarding TEA English Language Proficiency guidelines click here.

    Please note that TOEFL-iBT test results are only valid for two (2) years.

    Educators with a conferred undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited institution of higher education in the United States, not including US Territories, DO NOT have to take the TOEFL-iBT.


    All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by an accredited transcript evaluation company from the approved list of the evaluation companies (available on the TEA website) course by course with an overall GPA.

    Unfortunately, we are not accepting visa applications at this time. If you are unsure about your visa, click here for the list of visa classifications that allow you to work in the United States. 


    If you're interested in the specific dates concerning the Dallas ISD AC Program, please find the infographics below:

     Revised 09/15/2023