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    What Certification Pathways Are Available?

    Just like in the classroom, we understand that every individual has a unique learning style and preference. The Dallas ISD AC Program is catered to fit your needs so that you can be successful in your endeavor to be a certified teacher in the state of Texas. We offer two pathways for educator success.

    The Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) pathway allows you to skip Phase I of the program and go straight into Phase II, which consists of Pre-Service Training designed to develop and equip you with research-based teaching techniques. To qualify for the PACT pathway applicants must take and pass the state subject exam for their desired certification area, before being admitted into the Dallas ISD AC Program.

    The Non-Pre-Admission Content Test (Non-PACT) pathway gives applicants intensive content test preparation through Phase I of the Dallas ISD AC Program for a fee of $425. Progress is monitored with industry-standard assessments to optimize results and pave the way to passing scores on required state exams. Due to the rigor of the state exams, the Non-PACT pathway is only available to select certification areas.


    Expense Summary 
    Please refer to our detailed expense summary for a comprehensive overview of costs associated with pre-service training, licensure and district hiring



    Fees Paid To Dallas ISD

    Application Fee (non-refundable)


    Phase I: Content Test Training & Preparation (Non-PACT Only)


    Phase II: Pre-Service Training & PPR Test Preparation


    Mentor Teacher Fee


    Phase III: Internship Tuition


    Fees Paid To Other Organizations

    Candidate Pre - Screener


    TExES PPR Exam


    TExES Content Exam


    Probationary Teaching Certificate




    Standard Teaching Certificate


    TOEFL-iBT test (out of country applicants) Institution Code for Score Reporting: 8316


    NOTE: The cost estimates are provided as a guideline for interested applicants and are subject to change without notice.


    Ways to Pay for Training

    Automatic Payroll Deduction*Applicants who are selected into the program will be automatically enrolled into payroll deductions during Phase III (the internship stage). Please note that you must successfully complete the program and meet all the requirements in order to be eligible for this option. If you withdraw from the program or you do not successfully complete it, you are responsible for covering all costs.

    Loans or ScholarshipsIf you are interested in pursuing a loan to assist with tuition expenses, you must do so independently, as eligibility varies.

      • Please click HERE for information on a scholarship from the Texas Retired Teachers Association.
      • Troops to Teachers: Funding may be available for United States military veterans. Interns should reach out directly to Troops to Teachers to learn more.
      • Additional scholarships are sometimes made available to Dallas ISD ACP interns through North Texas workforce entities. More information will be shared directly with those eligible for this assistance.
      • The Texas Education Agency maintains a list of financial aid sources for those interested in teaching. Feel free to explore these as you wish.
      • Need help navigating the application process or paying for your test registration fee? Sign up for My Application Coach from our partners at TeachDFW for free! After registering, you’ll get access to an interactive application checklist, one-on-one support, and more. Sign Up Here


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