• Felix G. Botello Elementary School
    Launched school-wide in 2017-18


    Quick Facts

    ​Principal: Maria Puentemejia, mpuentemejia@dallasisd.org
    Assistant Principal: Doris, Lewis, dorilewis@dallasisd.org
    ​​PL Coordinators: Eva Trevino elealtrevino@dallasisd.org + Lorena Karam gcordovarocha@dallasisd.org 

    What We Do:
    We conquer our goals and achieve excellence by personalizing learning for every student.

    How We Do It:
    Felix G. Botello’s scholars build problem solving skills and independent thinking and become socially aware by attaining mastery of content with rigorous instruction that focuses on each students’ strengths, interests and needs in order to personalize learning. This supports students’ immediate and long-term educational futures and their career paths.

    Key Components of Our Personalized Learning Model:
    ✓ Blended Learning rotational model
    ✓ Student-led academic and personal goal-setting
    ✓ Learner Profiles
    ✓ Data-driven Instruction
    ✓ Flexible seating and space
    ✓ Differentiated instruction based on students’ needs
    ✓ Learning Management Systems (Schoology & Google Classroom)
    ✓ Extensive interest-based extracurricular activities

    Proudest Accomplishments:
    ✓ Earned 5 State Distinctions in 2016-2017 SY: Academic Achievement in ELA/Reading, Mathematics, and Science, Top 25 Percent in Closing Performance Gaps and Postsecondary Readiness
    ✓ TEA Postsecondary Readiness score 292% above target in 2016-17
    ✓ TEA Closing Performance Gaps score 82% above target in 2016-17
    ✓ TEA Student Progress score 52% above target in 2016-17
    ✓ The school’s Beliefs and Priorities on the Climate Survey rose from 80.1 to 91.7 in our first year of PL Implementation
    ✓ 95.1% of the campus feels our school has a College-Going Campus environment according to the Climate Survey