• Eligible students will receive application packets in the spring of 2020.  Please be sure that the application is complete and includes a parent/guardian signature. Please see the application below and to download the application again click the link below.


     Application Information


    • All seventh, eighth and ninth graders who have a cumulative GPA of 90% or above may apply for admission to the SHIRLEY ISON-NEWSOME CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY. 
    • Notice of eligiblity will be hand delivered to those who meet the GPA requirement. 
    • Application forms can be found on the school website or from the advisor for those students who meet the GPA requirement and have received a letter. 
    • Admission is not automatic.  In addition to having the required GPA, applicants must demonstrate significant accomplishment and/or participation in the all areas indicated on the application form.  It is necessary to have some accomplishments in each area. 
    • All activities, accomplishments, etc. included in the application must have taken place during high school.  Do not include anything that occurred before you were in middle school.  Doing so could jeopardize your chances for admission. 
    • Make sure your application is neat and legible. 
    • Three letters of recommendation must be sent to the NJHS advisor.

    At least one must be from an activity advisor and/or community member/employer. (Only two recommendations will be accepted from teachers). 

    • Your application must be turned into the NJHS advisor (Mrs. McKinney) by date TBD. 

    PLEASE NOTE:  Honor Society is a service organization.  Membership is a highly sought-after honor, but it requires commitment to the ideals of the organization.  Your acceptance of membership will indicate your willingness to participate in National Junior Honor Society sponsored activities, service projects and meetings. To maintain membership in NJHS, you must maintain your GPA, fulfill your service hour requirements, be a good leader, show good character and abide by the National Junior Honor Society bylaws. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in dismissal from the National Junior Honor Society. If your behavior in school requires disciplinary action, your membership may be revoked.



    By date TBD




    Your application will be based on the following criteria. Please make sure you include all the information listed on the application. Failure to do so, will automatically disqualify you for acceptance into NJHS. 


    Students will need to have a minimum GPA of 90% in grades 7-9 to be eligible to apply for NJHS membership. You must maintain a 90% GPA or you will lose your membership status. 


    Examples of school service activities: helping with tournaments that raise money for your school sponsored activity, helping with a community project/benefit representing a school sponsored group (example: Volunteering to help collect money for dress down days, cleaning golf course as part of cross country, track or golf, working the concession stand for basketball, football, activities organized by a school advisor, etc. This does not include hours worked for an employer. 

    Examples of community service projects: helping with benefits, blood drives, food drive, organizing the food pantry, helping with church activities, student initiated cleaning of the park, 4-H sponsored activities, Boy Scouts projects, student lead and organized projects not planned by teacher/advisor.


     Character is not based solely on personality nor upon minor incidents unless they are repeated to indicate specific pattern of behavior. 

    • Promptly meets individual pledges and responsibilities.
    • Demonstrates the highest standards of honesty, reliability, fairness and civility.
    • Adheres to school rules and regulations (i.e., attendance, tardiness, truancy, academic honesty, conduct, etc.) 


    Successfully assumes responsibility and demonstrates constructive initiative in the classroom, at work, and in school or community activities. You must have been or currently are an officer for at least one year of an organization such as:

    Class Officer, FFA, FCCLA, Student Council Rep, 4-H, Boy Scouts, Church Youth Group, etc.


    The student who demonstrates citizenship:

    • Understands the importance of civic involvement.
    • Has a high regard for freedom and justice and respects the American form of government.
    • Demonstrates mature participationand responsibility through involvement with such activities as scouting, community organizations, and school clubs.

    NJHS Candidate Application Form

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