• General Information

    At The Dr. Billy Earl Dade Middle School, our mission is to develop responsible, productive citizens who are capable of independent thinking and have the communication and social skills necessary to meet the demands of their future. Campus staff, parents, and community members support the mission and actively participate in teaching the whole child.

    The staff provides numerous opportunities that facilitate the learning process, enabling students to do their best in core curriculum studies, extracurricular activities, civic responsibilities, and college awareness and readiness. Since 2006, Dade Middle School has integrated collaborative teaching practices among fine arts, general education, and special services to equip students with the skills needed for learning. Teachers use planning periods to implement strategies across curriculum and grade levels. Students who are not achieving at 85 percent are provided additional learning opportunities through before-, after-, and Saturday school programs. Field trips enhance learning concepts and fully engage students in rigorous writing practices, science exploration, and fact-finding exercises.

    One hundred percent of the campus staff joined the Parent- Teacher Association. Many community stakeholders also participate. Other opportunities for parental involvement include campus Family Nights for Learning, parent academies, and parent universities. The parent and guardian volunteer base is a vital thread to the fabric of our school's culture.