•   bicycle safety


    Information is provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    SAFE RIDING TIPS - Before using your bicycle, make sure it is ready to ride.  You should alway inspect your bike to make srue all parts are secure and working properly. 

    Remember to:

    • Wear a Properly Fitted Bicycle Helmet - Wear a bike helmet every time you ride, even if you are going for a short ride.
    • Adust Your Bicycle to Fit - The seat height should be adjusted to allow a slight bend at the kneww when the leg is fully extended.  The handlebar height should be at the same level with the seat.
    • Check Your Equipment - Before riding, inflate tires properly and check that your brakes work.
    • See and Be Seen - Whether daytime, dawn, dusk, foul weather, or at night, you need to be seen by others.  Wearingn white has not been n shown to make you more visible.  Always wear neon, floourescent, or other bright colors when riding day or night. 
    • Control your Bicycle - Always ride with at least one hand on the handlebars.  Carry books and other other items in a bicycle carrier or backpack.
    • Watch for and avoid Road Hazards - Be on the lookout for hazards such as potholes, broken glass, gravel, puddles, leaves, and dogs.  All these hazards can cause a crash.
    • Avoid Riding at Night - It is far more dangerous to ride at night than during the day because you are harder to be seen.  Make sure you have reflectors on the front and rear of your bicycle.