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    Dallas Independent School District abides by all laws set forth by the Texas Legislature. We strive to control costs, maintain an efficient and effective flow of the reimbursement processes, and concurrently support the District’s mission to be a premier urban school district. This page is dedicated to delivering clarity, opportunity, and self-service to the process of district travel and reimbursements.

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  • COVID-19


    Currently a number of conferences and events are being cancelled both in Texas and nationally in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.  District events and activities, including UIL, athletics, and field trips are also cancelled until further notice. Given these developments, the district is providing guidance on handling outstanding travel advances and expense reimbursements for cancelled events. 

    Please confirm your event’s status regularly before departure. 

    If your event has been cancelled:

    1. Cancel registrations: Contact the event organizer to request a cancellation of your event registration. If you incur a cancellation fee, you may request reimbursement with manager approval via iExpense using non-grant funds only.
    2. Cancel travel arrangements: Cancel all of your travel arrangements immediately upon learning your event has been cancelled. 

    Travel advances

    If you received a travel advance, contact the district’s travel agency (ARTA) to cancel arrangements made through them. If you fail to cancel your travel arrangement with ARTA, you will be responsible for the cost of the arrangements. Submit an iExpense report for the cost of the airline ticket and any lodging cancellation fees. Proof that the event was cancelled should be included. Any credits for travel paid with district funds must be retained for future district travel. Note that events that were cancelled can’t be paid for from grant funds. 


    If you didn’t receive a travel advance but instead purchased airfare, lodging, etc. on your own and you incur cancellation fees, you can request reimbursement via iExpense.  Proof that the event was cancelled and receipts for the items for which you are requesting reimbursement should be attached.


    If you have questions about the above information, please check the Accounts Payable website where we will be posting updates as they become available http://www.dallasisd.org/iExpense. If you don’t find an answer to your question there, you may contact the travel and reimbursements team at travel@dallasisd.org.

    Training Videos & Information

    For training and support, go to the training website http://www.dallasisd.org/ATS, or submit a Remedy Force Ticket.


    Oracle® iExpense Portal is the enterprise application that enables Expense report communication through a secure, Internet-based portal.

    Through iExpense you can:

    • Enter and submit expense reports
    • Request advance travel arrangements
    • Upload documentation
    • Review the approvals completed
    • Identify the currently pending approver
    • Interact with auditors to meet requirements
    • Duplicate relevant previous reports
    • Review prior report details
    • Review and Approve supervisee' expense reports

    Training Videos & Information

    Due to software changes, rejected reports may not be able to be resubmitted and may require re-entry.

    For training and support, go to the training website http://www.dallasisd.org/ATS, or submit a Remedy Force Ticket.

    Regulations and Resources

    All Reimbursements processed through Accounts Payable are accountable to DEE REG, the district's COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT REGULATION

    Purchase Preapproval form

    FASC forms

    Special Revenue iNet and Special Revenue Forms

    LaserFiche Forms

    DISD Org lookup

    GSA website

    TX Hotel Occupancy exemption form

    TX state sales tax exemption certificate

    Procurement Food compliance form

    Training Videos & Information

    For training and support, go to the training website http://www.dallasisd.org/ATS, or submit a Remedy Force Ticket.


    Travel Requests - "Advances"

    Dallas ISD no longer issues travel advances directly to travelers for hotels or transportation. All travel requests will be processed and paid through ARTA Travel directly to the vendor including air, car, and hotel.  To book travel arrangements, complete the form linked at the right and email it to dallasisd@artatravel.com. The travel agency will make arrangements and send a quote to the employee including all applicable charges, fees, and taxes. (The $30 booking fees are not included in the quote.)

    After receiving the quote from ARTA, please submit an advance request through Oracle and ask your supervisor to review and process it. Quotes are valid for only 24 hours and must be approved and confirmed in that time. When you enter a travel request through iExpense, requests must be received by ARTA and AP early enough to make the arrangements no more than 45 days and no less than 10 days before the event. Advance requests must be accompanied by:

    • Official event information including the dates of events and the address including city and state
    • ARTA quote including all needs: air, hotel, and/or car
    • Conference literature listing the conference hotel and conference hotel rate
    • Reasoning for hotel overage when overage is unavoidable and not a conference rate
    • Approval memo signed by ED or above if airfare is being purchased 21 days or less before travel.

    Student Travel Advances

    Student travel follows the same process as above for hotels and transportation. When submitting student travel advance requests, makes sure you include the items from above and these additional items:

    • Other estimated student travel costs
    • The list of student travelers
    • Fund required approval forms/documentation
    • Food compliance form if student travel is not both out of district boundary and overnight. (defined as "in travel status")

    Training Videos & Information

    For training and support, go to the training website http://www.dallasisd.org/ATS, or submit a Remedy Force Ticket.


    Reimbursements may be requested for expenses incurred on district business.

    Non-travel reimbursements require these items when submitted:

    • Itemized paid receipts
    • Justification of the business expense
    • Documented preapproval form

    Travel reimbursements require:

    • Detailed paid receipts
      • Hotel receipts must show fully paid at checkout and be itemized.
        • Policy Amended 10/25/2019 added to policy Hotel expense GSA limitation.
      • Airfare must show to and from locations and dates and fully paid amounts.
        • Policy Amended 10/25/2019 added to policy Airfare 21 day in advance requirement.
      • Transportation
        • Ride receipts must show pick up and drop off locations, dates, and times, and be fully itemized showing fees.
        • Travel to and from meals is included in incidental expenses.
    • Justification shown by
      • Official event agendas: including dates and locations with address, city, and state.
      • Proof of attendance

    Mileage reimbursements require:

    District mileage (DISD to DISD location) requires

    • A detailed business reason for travel

    Local mileage (to or from a non-DISD location) requires

    • A detailed business reason for travel
    • Digital maps showing at least 2 routes. You may only claim the shortest route

    Training Videos & Information

    For training and support, go to the training website http://www.dallasisd.org/ATS, or submit a Remedy Force Ticket.

    Student Travel & Events

    Traveling with students requires detailed documentation. PerDiems provide limits but are not reimbursable. All costs will only be reimbursed with itemized receipts limited by GSA.

     Attachments required include:

    • The list of student travelers
    • Fund required approval forms/documentation
    • Food compliance form if student travel is not both out of district boundaries and overnight (defined as "in travel status").

    Training Videos & Information

    For training and support, go to the training website http://www.dallasisd.org/ATS , or submit a Remedy Force Ticket.

    Question and Answer


    Q. Can I travel without an advance?

    A. Yes, employees can travel as directed and approved by their supervisor without an advance. 


    Q. What is a receipt?

    A. A receipt is a document that clearly identifies the what, where, when, why, and how a payment is made.

    What: Money traded hands

    Where: Vendor name and address

    When: Date and time stamped on the receipt

    Why: Why was this much money paid. What is the item that was purchased - exactly what, how many, and at what cost. 

    How: How was the payment made

    Who: Who made the payment

    To be reimbursed, it is your job to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you paid money to a company for a specific and eligible reason.


    Q. What has changed with advances?

    A. Most recently in October 2019 the district amended DISD's DEE Reg which guides all reimbursements and advances. Many changes apply to all aspects of purchases, reimbursements, advancements, timetables, allowability, and process. 

    Following the policy change, Accounts Payable implemented ARTA as the district's travel agency. The process truly didn't change, in reality ARTA is where you get your quote and then they confirm your reservations. Everything else about the process is the same.

    1. Review policy before you begin. https://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Download/361?filename=DEE(REGULATION).pdf

    2. Get supervisor buy in for business travel.

    3. Complete Travel request form (on our website http://www.dallaisd.org/iExpense).

    4. Email the completed form to dallasisd@arta.com

    5. Receive email from ARTA with proposed quote and arrangements.

    6. Review and request changes if necessary.

    7. Submit advance (attach quote) through iExpense for approvals.

    8. AP will confirm with ARTA when the advance request is cleared through AP.

    9. ARTA will send you your itinerary.

    10. Review policy before you travel.

    11. Take all of your documentation on your travels including reservation information, ARTA contact information, sales tax exemption, and hotel occupancy exemption documents.

    12. Retain all receipts during travel.

    13. Submit expense report reconciliation when you return—to reconcile your advance.


    Q. What happens if I'm sharing a room?


    If you are planning to share a room and requesting an advance, only one person should request the room quote and only that person should include the full amount on their advance request. 2 lines should be entered for prepayment lodging, one for each roomer with the name in the justification, which will allocate the GSA amounts properly and not cause an overage.


    When you reconcile this advance - the person who got the advance should submit the full invoice in the reconciliation to clear their advance. The second person should attach a copy of the room receipt to their expense report - but NOT enter the expense into the expense report. The hotel receipt for person #2 is needed for proof of overnight stay which documents "travel status" eligibility.


    If both people paid and it clearly shows both payments on the receipt, each person should put their partial amount of the room on their expense report, note the name of the person they roomed with, and attach the paid receipt.
    Q. I want to stay over after my event. How does that work?
    A. The district should only be expensed district business expenses. If your event concludes at 4 PM and is a 2 hour drive from Dallas, the district expense ends that evening. If you stay over without business justification, meal expenses and hotel expenses are your personal expenses.

    Training Videos & Information

    • Q&A

    For training and support, go to the training website http://www.dallasisd.org/ATS, or submit a Remedy Force Ticket.