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    Quick Facts

    Principal: Marian A. Willard
    Resident Principal:

    Assistant Principal: Chantil Goree

    Assistant Principal: Orenthal J Wright(Collegiate Academy)

    Assistant Principal: Todd Crawford

    Grade Levels: 9-12

    Trustee District/Trustee Name: District 9, Justin Henry

    Schools Division:
    Lincoln Madison Roosevelt (LMR) Feeder Pattern

    Executive Director: Dr. Cheryl Wright


    • Vision- Every student in every classroom is engaged in earning opportunities and instruction that will allow him or her to meet or exceed high standards.
    • Mission- To educate the whole child within a nurturing and innovative environment 
    • Motto- Achieving Excellence So NO Students Fall Through the Cracks 

    Uniform Colors:

    • Top: White Golf/Polo Shirts
    • Bottoms: Khaki Pants
    • Collegiate Academy Top: Gray or White Golf/Polo Shirts
    • All Students Bottoms: Khaki Pants

    School Colors: Kelley Green & Yellow Gold

    Mascot: Trojans