•  Cheer camp



    CHEER CAMP 2018 GOALS! --> rmd.me/V0GN3rF3hWc


    Important!!!! The vendor hosting the camp requires that every athlete submit a signed waiver and photo release. Click here to access: rmd.me/XN6a_bjTwyc

    ***If you don't have access to print the waiver, Captain Mani has them which you can get from her 1st thing on Monday.

    Camp Location: Remember, as communicated on 5/8, the cheer camp location is at the Walnut Hill Recreation Center. 10011 Midway Rd, Dallas, TX 75229


    Please arrive to camp at 7:30 A.M. We will meet in the front. Breakfast and lunch will be provided, you can bring healthy snacks.


    Dress code for Cheer Camp

    JUNE 25

    • Shirt - Cougar Cheer Squad
    • Shorts - black
    • Bow - Green, black, or white
    • Socks & shoes – white
    • Hair - high pony with curls


    JUNE 26

    • Shirt- Tie- Dye (we are providing)
    • Shorts- black
    • Bow-None
    • Socks: CRAZY socks
    • Shoes- white
    • Hair: two French braids


    JUNE 27

    • Shirt - Hawaiian 🌺
    • Shorts - black or any matching color
    • Bow -Green, black, or white
    • Socks & shoes- white
    • Hair - high pony straight


    JUNE 28

    Hoping to wear our uni's!!!

    If not,

    • Shirt- BAHS Cheer * (BA provided)
    • Shorts- grey * (BA provided)
    • Bow-Green, black, or white
    • Socks & shoes- white
    • Hair- high pony straight