Dallas ISD Theory of Action

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Theory of Action work if my school is in a special program (i.e. ACE, or OTI)?

  • Do I have to utilize all autonomies?

  • Are there exceptions where I can request an autonomy that my LAS rating doesn't quality for?

  • If my current year LAS rating is lower than my previous year, how long will it take for me to lose my previous year's autonomies?

  • How is access to autonomies affected if I am a new or transfer principal?

  • Who on my campus should be involved in the autonomy selection process?

  • Do I get access to my autonomies instantly, and if not, when and how do I know how to activate my autonomies.

  • If I choose autonomies but then do not use them, can I have the option to chose it next year?

  • The Parent Survey currently takes up 5% of the overall LAS rating, but what happens when a campus does not meet the minimum threshhold to have parent surveys included in their results?

  • If you choose all of your autonomies, can you then go back later in the year and still use autonomies you didn't select (e.g. creating own common assessments in the 4th six weeks)?

  • How does the SEI impact my LAS rating?

  • What school year of data is used for my LAS rating? Is all the data the most current or is there a year data lag?

  • Can a school opt in to an autonomy, but still use part of the district services? (Ex. Opt out of common assessment but decide you still want to do English I)