• How many books can a student check-out?

    • Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade may only check-out one book.
    • Students in 2nd and 3rd grade may check-out three books.
    • Students in 4th and 5th grade may check-out four books.

    When can a student check-in or check-out books?

    • Students will come to the library with their class every other week to check-in and/or check-out books. (Students may recheck materials if they wish to keep them for additional time. They must have the actual library items in order to renew them.) We will use an “A Week” and “B Week” schedule. Contact the homeroom teacher for a specific day and time.
    • During designated “open circulation” times, students may come to the library during the week with their teacher’s permission to check-out new books.

    What if my child has an overdue, lost, or damaged book/item?

    • If a student has any overdue books/items, he/she will receive an overdue notice. The student is expected to immediately return the book.
    • If a library book is lost or damaged, the student will receive a letter letting him/her know the cost of the item. The student or his/her parents may pay the Media Specialist for the lost or damaged item. The Media Specialist can only accept cash. A receipt will be issued to the student or parent.