Dallas ISD Tax Ratification Election

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Tax Ratification Election (TRE)?

    A TRE is a special election called by a school district’s board of trustees that asks voters to approve an increase in its maintenance and operating (M&O) tax rate. M&O taxes cover the day-to-day costs of school district operations. Since 2008, Dallas ISD has maintained an M&O tax rate of $1.04. The approval of voters is required for the district to exceed the $1.04 rate. Dallas ISD trustees have approved calling a tax ratification election asking voters to increase the district's M&O tax rate to the state cap of $1.17.

    How much is the proposed tax increase?

    The District’s administration is recommending adding 13 cents to the existing $1.04 M&O tax rate for a new rate of $1.17. Coupled with Dallas ISD’s current debt service tax rate of $0.24, the final combined District tax rate would total $1.41.

    How much annual funding would the TRE generate for Dallas ISD?

    $126 Million

    How much will the TRE cost homeowners?

    The median market value of homes in Dallas ISD as determined by the Dallas Central Appraisal District is $184,574.  If voters approve increasing the tax rate by 13 cents, the increase would raise property taxes on homes at the median market value by $0.65 cents per day or $20 a month.

    Monthly Increase in Property Taxes vs. Home Market Value Graph

    How will the TRE affect taxpayers who are over 65 or disabled?

    The TRE will not affect taxpayers 65 years or older or those who are disabled if they have a frozen tax levy, which requires filing the appropriate homestead exemptions with the county appraisal district.

    How will Dallas ISD invest the additional revenue generated by the TRE?

    Early Learning

    • Increase kindergarten readiness
    • Expand enrollment and facilities
    • Increase program quality and rigor
    • Improve teacher effectiveness

    Racial Equity

    • Increase Instructional and Programmatic Equity
    • Expand Staff Cultural Competence
    • Grow Student and Staff Leadership Opportunities
    • Strengthen External Partnerships and Community Relations
    • Improve Equity in Facility Improvements and Operations

    Schools of Choice

    • Provide more students a “best-fit” school
    • Expand academic options by launching new choice schools in every area of the district

    Strategic Compensation

    • Define, support and reward excellence through strategic compensation for teachers, administrators and staff
    • Including ACE 3.0 (Accelerating Campus Excellence)

    What other area school districts have passed a Tax Ratification in the last decade?
    • Plano - $1.17
    • Allen - $1.14
    • McKinney- $1.17
    • Carrollton-Farmers Branch- $1.17
    • Irving- $1.17
    • Wyle- $1.17
    • Coppell- $1.17
    • Desoto- $1.17
    • Grand Prairie - $1.17

    Of the 38 area districts in Dallas and Collin counties, 25 (two-thirds) have passed a TRE.  Since 2006, more than 500 Texas school districts have called a TRE.

    When will the tax ratification election be held?

    Tuesday, November 6, 2018