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    CAP ROUTE Information 


    CAP ROUTE Information 

    CLICK LINK CAP Routes:

    Parents may CAP Routes link above will provide a complete roster of all bus route information. Ex:

    Route Number

    Name of Program (CAP)

    School of Origin/Student School of Attendance 

    Morning (AM) & Afternoon (PM) Times

    Parents may also access “Find My Route” to look up bus route information with a “Simple” or “Advance” Search. Quick Reference link below:

    Quick Reference Guide to Find My Route




     MY STOP Information

     My Stop FAQ & Reference Guide

     My Stop Brochure


     Parent FAQ English Parent FAQ spanish



    Special Programs

    *NOTE:  Please call Student Transportation Services at 972-925-4BUS.


    Special Education

    *NOTE:  Please be sure to reach out to your campus OR call Student Transportation Services at 972-925-4BUS.