The Hillcrest Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) encourages student achievement and enriches the learning environment at HHS. This community organization brings together teachers, staff, students and parents with the thought TOGETHER we can help our students be successful!  Your membership dollars and participation supports important programs such as senior scholarships, teacher meals and events including homecoming parade and senior retreat.

    La Asociación de Padres y Maestros de Hillcrest (PTSA, por sus siglas en inglés) fomenta el rendimiento estudiantil y enriquece el ambiente de aprendizaje en HHS. Esta organización comunitaria reúne a maestros, personal, estudiantes y padres con la idea de que ¡JUNTOS podemos ayudar a nuestros estudiantes a tener éxito! El dinero de su membresía y su participación apoyan programas importantes como becas para estudiantes a punto de graduar, comidas para los maestros y eventos, como el desfile de “Homecoming” y el retiro para estudiantes en el último grado de secundaria.


    • Go to https://www.joinpta.org/
    • Select Dallas ISD and Hillcrest High School and you are ready to sign up in under 5 minutes. You and your whole family can easily sign up on one form at one time


    • Complete the below HHS PTSA Membership Form along with a check made payable to HHS PTSA and mail to:

    Hillcrest High School

    PTSA Attention: Patty Wick

    9924 Hillcrest Rd

    Dallas, TX 75230

    • Annual Membership Dues: $5 per member
    • Fill out one form for each family/community member.

    Click Here for Membership Form

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