The Dallas Independent School District Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) was developed to ensure that campus administrators have an effective and efficient way of communicating an accurate and timely reporting of all incidents occurring on District campuses and at school related activities.


    The CIRS is restricted to Principals and Assistant Principals and may only be accessed while on District property using EAD credentials.

    There are six categories which are captured in the Critical Incident Reporting System. These categories are:

    • Alleged Child Abuse (only cases involving staff members)
    • Mental Health Crisis (including unexpected death of student and/or death of campus staff)
    • Physical Health Crisis (including major illness or major injury)
    • Safety Crisis (including missing student, bomb threat, violent behavior, weapon on campus, bus accident, etc.)
    • Maintenance Crisis (including gas leak, power outage, collapsed roof)
    • Other

    Click on the link for information on How to Enter Critical Incidents on the CIRS



    School Leadership

    Dallas ISD Child Abuse Office

    Health Services

    Police Department Emergency Mangement

    Risk Management

    Mental Health Departments