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    Ms. Katz

    Ms. Katz Virtual Classroom

    Ms. Katz has been teaching at Preston Hollow Elementary since 2015, when she graduated from Southern Methodist University with degrees in Elementary Education, Spanish, and Psychology. In June 2020, Ms. Katz completed her Master of Education in Literacy at SMU. In addition to being a classroom teacher, she is also a certified Reading Specialist and very passionate about teaching early readers. When Ms. Katz is not teaching, she loves to exercise, spend time outside, travel, and enjoy the company of her family and friends!

    IB Training: Encouraging Childrens Creativity Cat 3, Introduction to PYP Cat 1


    Ms. McNeill

    Ms. McNeill Virtual Classroom

    Ms. Mc Neill has been teaching in a school setting since 2014 following a career in Hospitality Management. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Spanish and business. Throughout her years teaching everything from life skills to swim lessons she has found that every individual has the innate ability to learn. It is finding the key to inspiring the desire to learn that matters. By customizing the learning process to fit each individual, eagerness to learn can be inspired. In a safe and welcoming environment, building self-confidence within a student is essential in allowing risk-taking and engagement in classroom activities. Ms. Mc Neill is certified in SPED, ESL and Generalist EC-6.

    IB Training: Introduction to the PYP Cat 1, The Exhibition Cat 2, Making the PYP Happen:Implementing Agency Cat 1

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    Ms. Morales

    Ms. Morales Virtual Classroom

    IB Training: Making the PYP Happen Cat 1, Making the PYP Happen in the Early Years: Implementing Agency Cat 1

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    Mr. Marroquin

    Mr. Marroquin Virtual Classroom





    IB Training: Introduction to IB Programme Cat 1, Evidencing Learning Cat 2