• What Is it that the school counselors do?

    School Counselors work in partnership with the school staff, parents, and the community to help students have a more positive and successful experience throughout their education/ in school. The primary focus of the student support and counseling services within the elementary school level is prevention. School Counselors work with ALL students and our goal is to help empower students with self- knowledge, positive interpersonal skills, and coping strategies for the issues that can arise or exist among our students here at Bush.

     The services that I provide include, but are not limited to:

    • Monthly Classroom Guidance Lessons
    • Individual Counseling
    • Small Group Counseling
    • Coordinate efforts with other school professionals in order to help students to be successful
    • Assist in crisis situations
    • Act as a consultant and referral source between school, parents, and community
    • 504 Chair/ Coordinator
      • Section 504 – a student that has an IDENTIFIED CONDITION/DISABILITY that affects at least one major life activity is eligible for reasonable accommodations that help ensure the students academic needs are met at the same level as his or her peers.  
    • Social Emotional Health Coach


    How Does a Student see the School Counselor?

    • Self-Referral (through completed form in counselors box located in the front office)
    • Teacher-Referral
    • Parent Referral
    • Administrative Referral


    Please contact me with any questions, concerns or just to introduce yourself! Looking forward to a great year here at Bush!

    My telephone number is: 972-925-1789

    My e-mail is: aewert@dallasisd.org