• Campus Discipline Management Plan


    The goal of Otto M. Fridia's Discipline Management Plan is to encourage students to…

    * Exercise self-control

    * Demonstrate a positive attitude

    * Respect the rights and feelings of others

    * Take responsibility for school property

    * Support the learning process

    Otto M. Fridia follows the District’s Student Code of Conduct. Parents, students, and campus staff all share in the responsibility of achieving a positive learning environment at school. The school provides a behavior coordinator, who is primarily responsible for maintaining student discipline and the implementation of disciplinary actions.

    The discipline management plan is designed to maintain order in the school, foster a climate of mutual respect for the rights of others, and teach students that they are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner appropriate to their age and level of maturity.

    Every teacher has developed a classroom management plan that includes classroom expectations, rewards, and consequences. These classroom plans are consistent with campus and district expectations. Additionally, the school has developed campus-wide expectations for each of the common areas (cafeteria, auditorium, hallways, and the school grounds).

    The school’s staff is committed to implementing prevention and intervention techniques to motivate students to be respectful, responsible citizens. These strategies include, but are not limited to, social emotional learning, restorative practices, conferences, counseling, referrals to Youth and Family, etc.

    For disciplinary purposes, the campus distinguishes between minor and major offenses. Minor offenses are infractions that generally happen in the classroom and can be corrected by the teacher or administrator. Examples of these offenses would be classroom disruptions, dress/grooming violations, failure to comply with directives, etc. Allowable consequences are found within the Student Code of Conduct.

    Major offenses seriously disrupt the educational process in the classroom, in the school, and/or at a school related event. Examples of these offenses would include fighting, bullying, harassment, repeated Level I Offenses, etc. Allowable consequences are found within the Student Code of Conduct. These infractions are immediately referred to an administrator.

    If you have questions regarding the school’s Discipline Management Plan, please contact the school.