• This page has links for district staff to address concerns for various systems / programs.  Often, it is difficult to figure out how and where to make certain kinds of requests.  Hopefully this clarifies what should be done to address your needs.

    ACCESS CARDS: Programming of staff access cards for door entry is now handled by staff in IT.  Requests should be made to accesscontrol@dallasisd.org


    ALARMS: Our district's Maintenance Department handles issues with fire alarms and security (intruder) alarms.  In order for them to service these systems, a work order should be entered in SchoolDude.



    COSTAR DVR-BASED SYSTEM: These systems are no longer serviced by the district's Maintenance Department.  Requests to fix these systems should be directed to David Garcia.  These systems will be updated to the IP-based platform as bond projects.  Status requests should be made to William Coyle.


    Fix Requests should be made to David Garcia so a work order can be entered with the district's vendor. 

    Access / Password Issues should be addressed with an e-mail from a Principal, Assistant Principal, or Office Manager to David Garcia.



    EMERGENCY MANAGEMENTCEOPs, Fall Drill Logs, and Spring Drill Logs should be submitted to Emergency Management at www.dallasisd.org/em/compliance.

    RISK MANAGEMENTMonthly fire drill logs should be submitted to Risk Management via Oracle.


    METAL DETECTORS: The district provided campuses with guidance on metal detectors via the WAIP on September 8, 2021.  You can access that document here.


    RAPTOR: Raptor fixes should be initiated by contacting Raptor at (877) 772-7867.  While Raptor labels, scanners, and label printers can be purchased directly from Raptor, schools should contact David Garcia if Raptor equipment or supplies are needed for these systems.  Quotes can be obtained via quotes@raptortech.com.  Currently, the district's police department still pays the yearly Raptor database fees for the campuses.



    Aiphone systems controlled by a white rectangular 'box' are no longer serviced by district maintenance staff.  If this system becomes non-functional, notify David Garcia so a work order can be entered with the district's vendor.   

    Issues with Aiphone systems controlled by a black Grandstream phone with a video screen should be addressed by contacting David Garcia so a work order can be entered with the district's vendor.