•    What is Mock Trial?

    A team of 7-10 high school students, that once registered, the team will begin preparing to compete against their peers in an organized Regional Competition meet.

    In October of the curren school year, teams will be able to download information related to a fictional case.

    Each team must learn both sides of the case study (Prosecution/Plaintiff and Defense) and students must play the roles of both attorneys and witnesses in a "mock" trial.

    Members work together to learn the facts of the case and create strategies for trial and then compete in scrimmages and local-area meets.

    What benefits are there to taking part in a Mock Trial Team?

    • Improve your ability to anlayze facts and present a compelling argument.
    • Improve your public speaking skills and the abililty to think on your feet.
    • Improve your overall self-confidence.
    • Access to a creative space where you can take part in a 'dramatic representation' of your case.
    • Earn scholarship awards at the state competition level!  Also availabe at some regions.
    • Touch on several social studies and CTE TEKS!


    "A mock trial team is much more

    than a group of smart people

    who came together and pretend

    to try a case.  It is truly a family

    that dedicates everything for the

    value of legal education and for

    each other." - Regina Campbell,

    Skyline High School - 2015 Texas

    State Champion Outstanding