• The school counselor wants your child to get the most out of school—and life!

    The school counselor is specially trained to help your child:

    • Find solutions to their problems
    • Meet the challenges of growing up
    • Better understand and appreciate who they are.

    Your child may talk to the counselor about anything that bothers them.  The school counselor can help with:

    • Personal problems
    • Social Issues
    • Academics
    • Plans for Their Future

    Counselors help students reach their full potential.

    Counselors are there to help students:

    • Sort out problems
    • Discuss feelings and needs
    • Explore options
    • Reach decisions

    Counselors also:

    • Meet with students, teachers, & parents
    • Coordinate school programs
    • Make referrals to sources of help in the community

    Counselors work in many settings, including:

    • The Classroom for Guidance Lessons
    • Small Groups
    • Private Office for Individual Counseling
    • Counselors may also train peer counselors.

    Counselors can help in tough times when students have problems with:

    Others, alcohol or drug abuse, depression, personal situations, stress, peer pressure, overcoming shyness, becoming more confident

    Counselors can also help with:

    Course selection, understanding test results, study skills, drop-out prevention, school choices, career planning, & higher educational planning.