• General Information

    Principal: Janie Carballo

    Grade Levels: 9-12

    Trustee District: District 4

    School Division/Feeder Pattern:

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    The mission of Seagoville High School To empower students to maximize their greatest potential by fostering a positive learning environment so they can flourish in a global society.

    The vision of Seagoville High School is to be the premier high school focused on excellence and innovation within a global community.

    Culture & Philosophy:  The campus will create a positive and safe climate and culture that is conducive for effective teaching and learning. 

    Quality of Instruction & Instructional Feedback:  The campus will increase the level of teacher effectiveness and build leadership capacity by providing effective instructional feedback and professional development.

    Student Achievement:  The campus will ensure that all core content areas develop an action plan to show student mastery through curriculum alignment, reviewing student data, progress monitoring and interventions.

    Postsecondary Readiness:  The campus will progress monitor all cohorts to ensure they are on track to graduate and prepare them for postsecondary success.


    Parent and Community Engagement/Collective Impact:  The campus will increase the parent and community involvement by forming relationships with external partners.

    We empower students to learn by providing a rigorous curriculum, promoting collaboration through the use of multiple response strategies, and allowing students to be stakeholders in their own education. Seagoville High School has implemented several programs and research-based instructional practices to improve students' educational experience.  

    The outstanding Dragon staff connects with parents and the community through PTO and the Site-Based Decision Making and Campus Improvement Plan committees, hosting progress report pick up nights,  parent meetings, and encouraging volunteering and parent participation in school activities. In addition, our community coordinator conducts regular home visits to assist parents in connecting with their students attendance and progress to keep them on track to graduate college ready.