• Payroll Payments (RevTrak)  Payroll Payments (RevTrak)


    Payroll Payments RevTrak is a convenient way to make a payment on your overpayment settlement or order W2 reprints for current and prior years. To make an online payment or order W2 reprints, click the Payroll Payments RevTrak link below.


    Click the following link to enter Payroll Payments RevTrak:



Payroll Payments RevTrak

Steps for using Payroll Payments RevTrak


Q & A

  • I forgot my password, how do I reset my password?

  • I ordered a W2 reprint, can I pick up my order in person?

  • How long does it take for my payment to process?

  • I purchased a W2 reprint and request it to be mail, how long will it take to receive my W2 reprint?

  • Where can I get a copy of my RevTrak payment history for my overpayment settlement?

  • Who do I contact regarding the balance on my overpayment settlement?