Admission Policy

  • Skyline Collegiate Academy is designed to admit incoming ninth-graders including, but not limited to students who are:

    • Determined to attend college.
    • First Generation college students.
    • Historically underrepresented in higher education

    The academy will accept up to 125 ninth-grade students per year through:

    A performance-blind, open-access lottery system that encourages and considers applications from all students (so that all students have equal opportunity for acceptance, regardless of background or academic performance).


    A weighted lottery that favors students who are at risk or who are part of the targeted subpopulations for the ECHS.

    Students will move together as a cohort as they progress through high school.

    Students will attend ninth and tenth grade at Skyline High School in a dedicated wing of the building.  For their junior and senior years, students will attend classes on the Cedar Valley College campus.  Transportation will be provided at no charge.