• Undergraduate Degrees in Japanese Universities

    Want to earn a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree studying in Japan? This is a perfect oppotunity for students who cannot afford expensive American/Canadian college tuition fees and are very interested in Japan and Japanese culture.  

    The benefits of studying and earning a degree in Japan are:

    1. Tuition fees for public universities are approximately $5,000 per year and $10,000 for private universities.
    2. Approximately 57% of international students are granted scholarships. The average monthly scholarship was about $560 in 2017.
    3. Approximately 75% of international students work part-time, and they are allowed to work up to 28 hours per week. 80% of those who are working part-time jobs make approximately $800-$1200 monthly
    4. The average cost of living in Japan is surprisingly not as expensive as one would imagine, about $720 monthly.
    5. More and more Japanese universities offer bachelor's degree courses taught in English only. Currently, there are 780 majors taught in English only in universities in Japan.
    6. Japanese universities offer a world-class education. A high number of Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Japanese people: the highest in Asia, and third in the world since 2000.
    7. Because of the good economic trend in Japan, 76.1% of students who have graduated from colleges in Japan in 2017 are employed (Ministry of Education, Japan Survey).  

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