Student Transfers
  •  The 2019-2020 application window closed on May 29, 2019.

    Late Applications Accepted.  Apply Below.  Not all Schools will Available.


    In-District-Students in grades K to 12th who live within DISD may apply to transfer from their assigned neighborhood school to another DISD neighborhood school.

    Out-of-District- Students in grades K to 12th who live in another district may apply to transfer to a DISD neighborhood school.


    • The application window opens in January and closes by the end of the semester. Late applications may be accepted. Not all schools will be available.
    • In approving transfers, the campus will consider availability of space and instructional staff, the student’s grades, the student’s disciplinary history, and the student’s attendance records. Some campuses will be closed and unavailable for transfer permissions.
    • No transportation is provided by the district, except as required by other laws.
    • Students who do not enroll in their transfer school or choose to withdraw may lose their transfer permission.
    • A new application must be filed when a student requests a different campus.
    • Students must abide by all UIL rules. Students are not eligible to participate in extracurricular activities at their home school. The transfer school may offer some or none of the extracurricular activity opportunities offered at the home school. Students should check eligibility rules with the transfer school.
    • Approved students may remain at the campus up to the highest grade, unless the campus revokes the permission of the student for not continuing to meet transfer rules and expectations.
    • Expectations:
    • "If the transfer is approved, the student is expected to follow school rules, attend school regularly, maintain passing grades, uphold appropriate behavior, and participate in school activities when possible.  Parents are expected to assist their children in their academic efforts, support good behavior, ensure their children are on time and ready for school each day, and be supportive of the school's goals and objectives. Failure to meet any of these expectations may result in a transfer being revoked.”
    • Revocations:
    • District policy states that transfer permissions will be reviewed by the campus administrator every spring semester and can be revoked based on "poor academic performance, low attendance, and/or misbehavior."  In the spring, the campus will notify the parent of any concerns regarding the transfer and revocation. If the permission is revoked, the student will need to enroll in their home campus the following year. In some cases, there can be an immediate revocation of the transfer permission.


    Important Notice-read before applying: Entering correct information is the responsiblity of the applicant.  Any errors or omissions may cause a delay or a change in the decision. 

    Do you have questions on student transfers?  Click link for frequently asked questions. FAQ-Student Transfers

                                              Online Application          

    Some schools will be unavailable for a transfer

       Upload report cards, etc. to application

    Online Application -  EnglishMiddle School Application

                                            Paper App

    Click paper form below and submit directly to desired transfer school for permission.  Use paper form when online not available

    Attach student's report card, STAAR results, and other documents to paper form

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