• Booker T. Washington HSPVA - Theatre Department




    Course Description

    Directing  Beg/Advanced:  This course is for seniors, and is designed to develop directing skills.  In the first semester, students will analyze, work with the playwright, cast and direct a 10 minute play festival. These will be part of the 10 minute play festival. Second semester, students will select a one act play, analyze, cast and direct the play to be performed in a directing festival. Students must meet specific criteria and have the permission of the Coordinator to take this class.  Students must be successful 1st in Beginning Directing to take Advanced Directing.  2 semesters.


    Course Requirements

    Students will need access to libraries for play research, as well as a computer for typing and printing documents for director’s notebooks, schedules, and research papers.

    Extra time for rehearsals before school is required for both 10 minute plays and one act plays.



    Classwork/homework                                                                     40%

    Tests                                                                                             25%

    Projects/Products                                                                           20%

    6 weeks grade                                                                               15%


    Course Schedule/Syllabus


    History of the director

    Purpose and evolution of the director and directorial styles

    Aristotle’s Unities

    Staging—Proscenium, Three quarters thrust, arena

    Director’s Responsibilities: analysis, vision, auditions and casting, co-ordinating w/ designers, blocking, working with actors

    10 minute plays: cast, rehearse and direct

    Work w/ a costume designer on a hypothetical design 

    Director’s notebook


    One Act Play Research material, cast, rehearse, and direct the play. (This will be part of the Spring Student Directing Festival)

    Director’s Notebook. (spring)

    Film Anaylsis