• Frequently Asked Questions (EN ESPANOL)

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    What are magnet programs?

    Magnet programs are theme-oriented courses of study that provide students with in-depth experiences in particular areas of interest. While some magnet programs exist within comprehensive schools, there are also magnet schools whose entire student body is composed of magnet students. All magnet programs fulfill Dallas ISD requirements for promotion and graduation.

    What is the purpose of a magnet program?

    Magnet programs have three major goals: to provide district distinct choices for students with different interests, talents, and aptitudes; to develop innovative instructional practices; and to promote diversity within schools.

    What does it mean to be on the waiting list?

    Receiving a place on the waiting list means that the applicant met the criteria for the program but that more applicants met the criteria than were seats available. When the number of qualified students exceed the number of available seats in a magnet program, a rank ordered waiting list is used to determine which students will be placed in the available seats. Those students who meet the criteria but who are not chosen through the available selection process are placed on the waiting list for that program. If a student who has been accepted declines to accept a seat in the magnet program, the school will contact the next person on the waiting list to offer that student the seat.

    The wait list does not roll over from year to year, it is only maintained until the last day of the first six weeks grading period for the existing grade level. Students must apply each year for the next grade level.

    What can I do if I am not accepted?

    A student who is not accepted should first carefully review the letter received with his or parent/guardian to ensure that the information in the letter accurately reflects the information that was submitted. If the applicant so desires, he or she may file a written appeal to have the record reviewed and a final decision rendered by the Executive Director of Magnet Programs. All appeals are researched to ensure that the schools followed the procedures outlined in the Magnet Selection Process in a fair and consistent manner.

    What about transportation?

    Transportation is provided for students residing more than two miles from magnet schools who are accepted in the magnet program and live within the Dallas ISD attendance boundary zone. Students will be notified of their respective pick-up point prior to the opening of school for the upcoming year. Students are responsible for their own transportation to the pick-up points. To secure a bus stop at the start of the school year, elementary or middle school students must include an elementary school pick-up site on their application. High school applicants must include a high school pick-up site on their application. Out of district, students will be responsible for their own transportation.

    When will I receive the transportation schedule?

    The transportation schedule will be mailed to eligible parents the week prior to the first day of school.

    What if my child receives special education services?

    It is the policy of Dallas ISD to afford equal opportunity in education to all students. Students receiving special education services are given the same consideration in the selection process as all other students. The individual needs of the student, as indicated in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP), can be addressed during any audition or performance assessment. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide the IEP or 504 Plan with the application.

    If my child is currently enrolled in a magnet program, do they need to reapply?

    Current magnet students do not need to apply in order to remain in their present magnet school

    If my child is currently attending a magnet program in another district and we move, are they automatically transferred into the Dallas ISD Magnet Program?

    No, you will need to complete an application to enroll your child in the Dallas ISD Magnet Programs. Placement in a magnet program will be based on space availability, along with an academic/assessment to which the student is applying.

    How and when will I be notified of acceptance into a magnet school?

    Qualified applicants who have been assigned a seat in the magnet program will be notified by e-mail on March 8, 2021.

    Can I give my completed application to my child’s guidance counselor or teacher and have them mail or hand deliver it to the school that I wish to apply?

    It is the parent’s responsibility to guarantee that your child’s application is delivered to the appropriate school by the set deadline.

    What if I missed the missed deadline?

    There are no exceptions. Applications must be submitted online February 7, 2021. 

    Can I apply to the magnet programs during the spring semester?

    Applications are accepted in the spring for the following school year only.

    If I change my mind or if I am not satisfied with the magnet school, can I transfer back to my home school?

    Students will have a two-week window at the beginning of the school year in which to transfer back to their home school. After the two-week window expires, students are required to remain the full year.

    Can my child participate in extracurricular activities at their home school?

    UIL rules permit students who attend a magnet high school to have their eligibility at their magnet high school or at their neighborhood high school. A student is prohibited from representing more than one UIL number. Talk to your magnet school principal for clarification.

    Can my child automatically be assigned to a magnet program if he/she has a sibling currently attending the magnet school?

    Siblings must apply to the magnet program and meet the criteria in order to be selected.

    The sibling rules, as defined below, shall be applied to the prekindergarten–grade 8 Montessori programs.

    Sibling rule and sibling preference shall only be applied to an applicant who meets the criteria with a sibling who attends the same Vanguard, magnet Montessori, or Academy program and who will continue to attend that school the next year. Siblings are defined as brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, stepbrother, or stepsister, living in the same household.

    Sibling preference: In recognition of variation in the performance of an individual student on any evaluation, and in recognition of variation between graders on subjective measures such as auditions, essays, and grades, siblings’ criteria scores shall be increased by 5 points prior to rank ordering by feeder pattern. Sibling preference applies to vanguards (Grades 4-5) and academies (Grades 6-8).

    Sibling rule: In recognition of the noncompetitive nature of Montessori education, its emphasis on the family, and the intent and success of the Montessori method for students of all abilities, siblings shall be automatically placed on a space-availability basis prior to rank ordering by feeder pattern. Sibling Rule applies to Harry Stone Montessori and G. B. Dealey Montessori.

    Neither siblings nor twins applying together for the first time shall receive sibling preferential treatment under either the sibling preference or the sibling rule.

    Are hardship transfers accepted into the magnet programs?

    No, hardship transfers are not accepted. All students must apply to the magnet program for consideration.

    Can I improve my chances of acceptance into the magnet program by submitting more than one application?

    No, if more than one application is submitted, the student will be disqualified from the magnet selection process.