Mr. PreK-C Daniel Sandoval

Phone: (972) 794-2024


Degrees and Certifications:

Mayor in Social Communications, Universidad Regiomontana Master in Graphic Design, Universidad de Monterrey

Mr. PreK-C Daniel Sandoval

I was born in Monterrey, Mexico. I started teaching English and computers in private schools since 2002. I am passionate about teaching languages, 
music, computers, world cultures, design and photography. I firmly believe that education should train people to serve their community and that
they learn more when they find various ways to teach in a fun, meaningful or creative way. I came to the United States in 2016 to work as a bilingual teacher in what has been, until now, a radical change in my life from which I have
learned valuable life and work lessons. I have learned a lot about the education needs in this country and the community in which I work.
At Julian T. Saldivar Elementary School I am an active member of committees and groups such as The leader in me, I have given classes to parents
in the afternoon and I participate in visual communication between the school and the community through social networks and other information media.
Being a PreK teacher is a task of great responsibility, in which time has taught me that much depends and is expected of me, at the same time
that I always end up learning several important things and experience. I understand that teachers become important in this stage of the development
of our students and that our actions and words shape children who see us with admiration and affection.
I make an effort because my students learn the basis of reading and writing, which will be a pillar throughout their school life and they also
want to come to their school because they like it. I am sure that life brought me here for important reasons and that I am where I am needed,
where I can make a difference for others.