• Office of Transformation and Innovation
  • Design and Launch a Transformation
    or Innovation School

     About Public School Choice:

    Dallas ISD is on a mission to provide every student with a best-fit school where educators can more meaningfully and deeply engage students by tapping into their specific interests, aspirations, preferred learning styles, and values. The district already offers dozens of high-quality choice options including Magnet Schools, Collegiate Academies, and neighborhood schools, along with 45 Transformation and Innovation Schools created to date.

    Transformation and Innovation Schools are designed and selected through the annual Public School Choice (PSC) competitive proposal process. The PSC application invites internal and external teams to submit proposals to become a Transformation or an Innovation School. OTI facilitates the process including designing the annual proposal, setting key deadlines, reviewing and approving eligible Letters of Intent, conducting proposal development workshops, managing the proposal review and selection rounds, and communicating the announcement of selected teams.

    Core Tenets of Public School Choice:

    As outlined in the district's Comprehensive Plan, Transformation and Innovation Schools follow four main tenets: 

     4 colored boxes that describe the 4 tenets of choice schools

    The annual Public School Choice application process is now open! The full process with due dates and resouces are located on the PSC 8.0 Timeline

     Innovation (Neighborhood) Schools:

     Transformation (Start-up) Schools: