• Battalion Commander

    Cadet Lieutenant Colonel


    Arriaga, Dulce
    Responsible for everything the Skyline HS Army JROTC Raider Battalion does or fails to do.  Supervises, directs, rates and evaluates the Company Commander, Battalion Staff, Executive Officer, and Sergeant Major.  Exercises command and control over the battalion to ensure all missions assigned are accomplished, all training is efficiently and effectively executed and to ensure that the health, welfare and conduct of the battalion are at the highest caliber.  Serves as the primary advisor to the JROTC Cadets on all matters pertaining to the Skyline HS Army JROTC Raider Battalion.  The CDT LTC serves as the epitome of a potential officer and role model for the rest of the battalion.
    Battalion Executive Officer (XO)

    Cadet 1st Lieutenant


    Arias, Citlali
    Responsible for everything the Battalion Staff does or fails to do.  Serves as the second-in-command and as the principle advisor to the Battalion Commander.  Establishes special committees and projects as assigned by the commander.  Coordinates with the SAI to ensure the S1, S3 and S4 are assigned by JUMS logins within two weeks of the start of the school year.
    Battalion Command Sergeant Major

    Cadet Command Sergeant Major


    Segura, Giselle
    Advises the commander on the state of morale and Command Climate.  Responsible to the commander to ensure overall quality of battalion-level training.  Manages the Battalion Color Guard.  Maintains the battalion level Chain-of-Command and support channels.  Also responsible for honor guards, flag details, and enlisted cadets during ceremonies and special events.
    S1 Adjutant

    Cadet 1st Lieutanant


    Rubio, Jacquelin
    Responsible for personnel accountability during events and class structure for JROTC.  Assists the instructors as the Administration Officer with respect to all cadet manning rosters, records, awards, certificates, etc. and other administrative duties.  Ensures all records are accurately maintained in JUMS.  Coordinates the battalion awards ceremonies.
     S2 Intelligence/ Security Officer

    Cadet 1st Lieutenant


    Dean, Isaaiah
    Responsible for Security Operations at all events.  Also assists instructors in monthly inventory of the Arms/Storage Room and other sensitive items.  Assists other staff officers as required.
    S3 Operations and Training Officer

    Cadet 1st Lieutenant


    Campuzano, Yaneth
    Responsible for training and operations.  Plans all events and establishes the Operation Order (OPORD) to support the commander’s intent.  Supervises all scheduled events pertaining to all facets of the battalion participation.  Also ensures all training records and events are accurately maintained in JUMS and assists the instructors as directed.  Completes all training schedules for approval from SAI. Tracks all current and future events in accordance with the Master Events List provided from the DAI office.
    S4 Supply Officer

    Cadet 1st Lieutenant


    Orozco, Hageo
    Responsible for the planning, organization and execution of all logistical support actions necessary to support the mission of the battalion.  Coordinates with the S3 for support necessary for the conduct of all events and training.  Assists instructor in the supply room to ensure cadets properly receive all required equipment and clothing while maintaining records manually and in JUMS.  Inform company Supply NCOs of any tasks that need to be completed in the supply room based on guidance provided form the AI in charge of Battalion Supply Operations.
    S5 Public Affairs Officer

    Cadet 1st Lieutenant


    Duarte, Alan
    Responsible for “special projects” as directed by the commander.  Oversees publications and organizational updates printed in school newspaper and works closely with the BN S3 to determine which events will need S5 coverage.  Updates JROTC trophy display cases: works to promote JROTC program in school and attain local public awareness of the cadets participating in JROTC.  Organizes and plans all recording events with the media and supervision from the teams.