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    If you wish to resign from the Dallas ISD Alternative Certification Program, please complete the steps below.

    1. Complete the Resignation form
    2. Complete S54
    3. Notify your principal and facilitator



    A complaint is a written claim that an organization does not follow school laws or rules that are under TEA’s jurisdiction. If you have a complaint against Dallas ISD ACP, please complete the complaint form below.

    Dallas ISD ACP Complaint Form

    Please note that the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has a formal complaint process for candidates in educator preparation programs. You may submit a complaint to the Texas Education Agency by fax (512-475-3665), e-mail (complaintsmanagement@tea.texas.gov). For more information please find the link below.

    TEA Complaints Management


    Program Performance

    The Dallas ISD Alternative Certification Program has a reputation of teacher preparation excellence, for historical information on our program performance and supply/demand forces on the educator workforce in Texas find the links below.

    Dallas ISD AC Program Accountability Report

    Educator Workforce Statistics