• UPDATE: Reading Language Arts Instructional Materials Adoption



    • Houghton Mifflin
    • McGraw Hill
    • Pearson 


    We will meet Monday, February 4th. Please make sure you sign in on the CIMAT team meeting sheet as this needs to be submitted to the District by Wednesday, February 6th.  I hope you have had an opportunity to see the materials up for adoption.  February 6th is the last day those items will be available at Edison.


        • Make sure you have watched the video. The link here helps to provide context for the process - Video


        • NEW INFORMATION: Notify K – 5 teachers that PHONICS programs will be considered in a separate vote apart from the classroom packages. Please make sure that ALL K – 5 teachers understand that they are responsible for viewing and voting on the classroom packages and the phonics programs as 2 separate items. These phonics program options will be placed on display for the same date/times/locations as the classroom package options. A separate video highlighting the program options will be made available next week). 


        • We will need to watch the instructional materials adoption package options video during the meeting.


        • The voting window for the Instructional Materials Adoption will be from February 5 – 15, 2019. (Exact instructions on how to cast a vote using Google forms will be provided to you on Monday, February 4, 2019)


        • View and note  the key dates on the Instructional Materials Adoption Timeline so that you are aware of the process after voting occurs. The campus committee is responsible for submitting a recommendation to the DIMAT.


        • Please review the attached Instructional Materials Adoption Rubrics. It is suggested that the committee use the short version rubric when visiting the materials locations and/or viewing the materials overview video. Please note: The Long version Rubric will be used to rate the committee’s top package choice. A copy of the ratings will be submitted along with your final recommendation form to the DIMAT during your final committee meeting.


        • We will have a final committee meeting prior to 2/15/19. We will need to provide a sign in sheet as proof that we met as well as submit the Committee Recommendation form with completed rubric by end of day 2/15/19.