• Student Support Team

    The SST is a decision-making team that is convened to discuss at-risk students with academic and/or behavior interventions in the general education setting. The SST is led by a campus administrator (principal or assistant principal) and consists of the campus instructional coach(es), classroom teacher(s), and based on the areas of concern, the campus counselor (for social /emotional and behavioral needs), nurse (for health and physical needs), and school psychologist or social worker (for psychological, social, and behavioral needs).



    Hence, SST is a team of individuals, it is NOT a process nor framework, but it is a component of the larger system called the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS).  The MTSS encompass structures and procedures that campuses offer to help each child achieve success.

    It is the responsibility of the campus principal to form and convene the Student Support Team.

    Some of the functions of the Student Support Team operating within the Mutli-Tiered Systems of Support include the following FFE (LOCAL):

    1. Meet to analyze data and discuss information about the student to identify appropriate interventions.
    2. Refer a student from Tier III Intervention to Specialized Services, which may include counseling and guidance services, health services, psychological and social services, homeless education, youth and family services, drug and alcohol prevention, campus crisis response and support services, or child abuse and domestic violence prevention.
    3. Discuss the referral to counseling of students who experience bullying and physical, emotional behavioral, social, medical, familial, or chemical use problems to the extent that their academic or extracurricular performance is adversely affected.
    4. Respond to the request for specialized services made by a parent, the principal, or a teacher.
    5. Develop an intervention plan to address a student who does not qualify or is being exited from specialized services.
    6. Maintain a record of services that includes original copies of referral forms, data forms, team recommendations and intervention plans, and an indication of resolution.

    Resources for the operation of the Multi-Tiered System of Support including intervention plans, parent letters, progress monitoring, etc are available on the DISD MTSS website located at: https://sites.google.com/dallasisd.org/dallasisdmtss/home