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    PowerSchooI Distance Learning courses provide all users a consistent and user-friendly training experience. Whether you're training all teachers in the district or a single new system administrator, Distance Learning is a great tool in your overall training strategy.

    Using PowerSchool Distance Learning, districts can provide their staff with convenient, online training that covers a wide variety of topics in a self-paced, flexible, and engaging format. With this method of instruction, you can take a course at your own speed from any computer or mobile device with Internet access.


    Initial Training

    Initial Training courses cover the essential basics of Powerschool for new users and explore the full range of teacher toolsets available in PowerTeacher. Self-paced IPT courses are tailored to specific roles within the district and take the average learner one hour to complete.

    Initial Training Topics Include:

    • Basics for PowerSchooI Admin Users, Parts 1, 2, and 3
    • PowerSchooI Administration and Management
    • PowerSchooI Communication Tools, Parts I and 2
    • PowerSchooI Database Management
    • Enrolling and Transferring Students
    • Introducing Parents to PowerSchool's Parent Portal
    • PowerTeacher
    • PowerTeacher Pro, Parts 1 and 2
    • PowerTeacher Pro: Setting Up School Grading Preferences • PowerTeacher Pro: Setting Up District Grading Preferences
    • During the School Year Scheduling — Elementary
    • During the School Year Scheduling — Secondary
    • Managing Meeting Attendance
    • Managing Daily Attendance
    • Managing Grades and Academic Data, Parts 1 and 2



  • Advanced Training

    Advanced Training courses prepare district and school personnel for important events throughout the school year, such as the end of the term, preparing for mass scheduling, creating advanced reports, and the end of the school year. Each self-paced, online course takes the average learner one hour to complete, tailored to specific roles within the district and take the average learner one hour to complete.

    Some of the more than 25 additional Distance Learning courses:

    • Attendance Tracking and Notifications
    • PowerTeacher: Seating Charts
    • PowerSchool Attendance Reports
    • Managing Students in PowerSchool
    • High School Counselor and Administrative Skills
    • PowerSchool Security, Parts I and 2
    • Enterprise Reporting for Report Users, Parts I and 2


    Learn how to "dig into data" with Enterprise Reporting.


    Watch step-by-step video demonstrations.


    Try it on your own with guided simulations.


    Mastery in Minutes Tutorials

    PowerSchool also offers Mastery in Minutes (MIM) tutorials - which are brief three- to five-minute online tutorials designed to provide quick answers to a variety of common PowerSchool questions you may encounter. These lessons are especially valuable for time-pressed users.

    Some of the more than 160 MIM tutorials:

    • Adding a Class Section
    • Adding a Day to the School Year Schedule
    • Managing Addresses for a Student
    • Using Attendance Data Access Tags
    • Deleting a Duplicate Student
    • Exporting Data to a Spreadsheet
    • Mass Enrolling Students in a Class
    • Searching in PowerSchool
    • Using the List Students Function
    • Using the Report Queue