• At Sylvia Mendez CREW Leadership Academy we sponsor many reading programs throughout the year.  


    Research shows that students who self-select books for reading become better readers. Promoting reading for pleasure is one way to highlight the library’s contribution to student achievement.


    The library sponsors several reading programs. The Texas Bluebonnet Program for students in grades 3-5 consists of 20 books (selected by a panel of Texas elementary librarians) which include all types of children's books. Students who read at least 5 books are allowed to vote for their favorite choice every January!   



    John Ireland also participates in the Read to Succeed Reading Program which requires K-5 students to read (or have read to them) 600 minutes in six weeks. This program starts in January of every school year. They also have the opportunity to read an additional 600 minutes in six weeks for which they receive special recognition. 



    We also are enrolled in the Book It Program by Pizza Hut. Students earn awards and free pizzas every month when they reach their reading goals.