• Quick Facts

    Candice Ruiz

    Grade Levels:
    6th-8th grade
    Trustee District:
    District 3-Northeast Dallas
    Feeder Pattern:
    Bryan Adams Feeder Pattern
    Vision (What We Strive to be)
    The vision of Robert T. Hill Middle School is for our students to impact their community and the world which they will inherit, while trailblazing the trajectory of their lives.
    Mission (Our Daily Work)
    The mission of Robert T. Hill Middle School is for students to engage in innovative problem-solving through a process of investigating the world, developing empathy, communicating ideas, and taking action against social injustices.
    Hill Priorities:
    RelationshipsRelevance Rigor
    Core Values:
    Highlanders are Reflective, Tenacious and will rise to High expectations!
    Uniform Colors:
    6th grade: Red
    7th grade: Hunter Green
    8th grade: Black
    Khaki, Black or Blue
    School Colors:
    Kelly Green and Cardinal Red