• Dallas ISD is now offering scholarships to expand the number of 3- and 4-year-olds eligible to attend Pre-K at no cost.
    The new guidelines are designed to increase opportunity for traditionally underserved communities by making early learning available to more Dallas families.
    Three New Pre-K Eligibility Guidelines:

      1. Families can receive a scholarship based on Dallas ISD’s historical academic needs, as identified in district data (Data currently identifies African American students as highest academic needs).
      2. Families may also meet the new income guidelines.
    Household Size New Income Limits
    3 $63,991
    4 $77,251
    5 $90,511

    More families size income available

    1. Based on English language proficiency, all parents can now request their child to be assessed.

    For more information, call 214-932-7735.

  • Dallas ISD Early Learning Department

    Contact Information
    2909 N. Buckner Boulevard, Ste. 804
    Dallas, TX 75228
    PreK Enrollment Hotline (214) 932-7735
    Fax (972) 794-3519