•  Counseling Team
       Mrs. Rodriguez - IB Counselor
       Mr. Leshinski -  Special Pops Counselor
       Mrs. Page - 9th Grade Counselor (Non IB/SPops)
       Ms. Pugh - 10th Grade Counselor (Non IB/SPops)
       Ms. Mervine - 11th Grade Counselor (Non IB/SPops)
       Mrs. Anderson - 12th Grade Counselor (Non IB/SPops)
       Ms. baz - ASP College Advisor 


    *A student's cohort is the year they should graduate based on their entry into 9th grade. For example, a student who entered the 9th grade in 2017 will be a part of Cohort 2021. Entry year 2018 is Cohort 2022. Entry year 2019 is Cohort 2023. For those entering in 2020, they are Cohort 2024.

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    More info can be found on the Counseling Website