• The Phoenix Program

    Program Purpose

    • Provide an opportunity for under-credited and over-age high school students to recover and attain credits toward graduation

    Program Design

    • Core content learning labs
    • Classroom Structure – blended learning flex model
      • Rigorous digital academic content (via Apex Learning) with written work assignment support
      • One-on-one intensive academic support
    • Mandatory traditional classroom instruction for Algebra I and English I

    Program Sites

    Eligible students will attend the Phoenix program at the identified sites in each network.

    • Hillcrest High School
    • Skyline High School
    • Spruce High School


    • Middle School students that are 16 years old, have completed 8th grade, and did not pass the 3rd administration of STAAR Math or Reading examination
    • High school students that are ages 17 – 21 years old that have earned 19 credits towards high school graduation