• *Students are required to follow the uniform policy during

    Virtual and Face to Face Scheduled Instruction. (Collegiate Polo is required)*


    Students need to be fitted by Versa Printing before ordering the required special package. Call 972-243-5353 to make an appointment.


    Skyline ECHS Uniform Package (estimated price) $175.00

         (1) Black Men or Ladies DryFit Polo (other color may be worn Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays)

         (1) Men or Ladies Full Zip Fleece Sweater

         (1) Men or Ladies Blazer

         (1) Men or Ladies long sleeve Oxford shirt

         (1) Men or Ladies Neck Tie 

         (1) DryFit T-shirt

         (1) Mask (previously a planner)

         (1) Hand Sanitizer Bottle

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