• All times for bus stops are approximate as there are several variables which may contribute to arrival times such as weather, traffic and other unexpected factors.  

    Special Services Transportation Guidelines


    • The Student Transportation Services Department will communicate to parents the exact date service will begin.
    • The special services routes are not published. 
    • All times provided for bus stops are approximate. 
    • Bus routes mainly consist of one address for pick-up and one address for drop-off, five days a week.  
    • All buses will wait at a student’s stop for 3 minutes before continuing to their next stop.


    • Students will not be picked up or delivered outside the boundaries of the Dallas Independent School District. 
    • Driver and bus attendants are not be permitted to carry students on and off the bus.
    • Students must be able to walk on/off or use a lift with a secure and approved wheelchair. 
    • Scooters and stroller-type wheel chairs are not compliant with Federal Safety Standards and will not be permitted during transport.
    • At drop off, if no adult is present to receive the student, the driver will alert dispatch and continue on the route. 
    • Bus drivers are not authorized to change pickup and/or delivery addresses. 


    • All wheelchairs must be compliant with Federal & State Standards.
    • All wheelchairs must be secured with 4 securements and a shoulder lap belt.
    • Brakes and head and/or foot supports must always be tight and secure.
    • Parents are responsible to make sure the wheelchair is safe and compliant for transport.

    LIFTS: Only DISD employees may operate bus lifts. 


    • Students who receive special education services must also receive free transportation to participate in class field trips.
    • Buses equipped with a lift are available for field trips. 
    • The individual requesting transportation for a field trip must include the need for a bus with a lift  if one is needed.


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