• Special Education School Bus Routes

    All posted times for bus stops are approximate as there are several variables which may contribute to arrival times such as weather, traffic and other unexpected factors.  We strongly encourage our parents to download the My Stop App which will provide parents / guardians with GPS and approximate arrival time information for the bus in route.  


    Please use the Tyler's Versatrans e-Link System to find your child's route information. 

    For information on how to access the Tyler's Versatrans e-Link System please click here


    New Transportation Requests

    Parents and Staff - For any new transportation requests, please allow 3-5 days for processing of any new or updated transportation requests. Requests will be processed after all required and accurate information for the student is received.


    Campus Information

    > Accessing SPED/ 504 Student Route Information


     cell phone


    Use the following tools to stay connected with Student Transportation Services.  

    BUS BULLETIN A notification system that immediately informs parents of any bus delays through text messages, voice mails, and / or emails. 

    E - LINK Provides parents with their student(s) transportation information including: stop time, stop location, and route number.

    MYSTOP MOBILE APP Allows parents to view student's live bus location within a ten-minute window of projected bus arrival time.  

    LET'S TALK Allows our community to directly send us questions, comments, and feedback regarding Student Transportation Services.