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    Special Services Transportation Guidelines


    • The Student Transportation Services Department will communicate to parents the exact date service will begin with a predesignated place or location and the estimated time for pickup and delivery. The schedule may vary slightly from day to day. 

    • We are unable to approve parental requests for preferred pickup and delivery times, except as required to provide free appropriate public education. 

    • The special services routes are not published. 

    • All times provided for bus stops are approximate as there are several variables which may contribute to arrival times such as weather, traffic and other unexpected factors.  We strongly encourage our parents to download the My Stop App which will provide parents / guardians with GPS and approximate arrival time information for the bus in route.

    • Bus routes mainly consist of one address for pick-up and one address for drop-off, five days a week.  Divorced parents or guardians sharing custody must choose which address will be used to get their student to and from the school within the program zone of the attending school.

    • All buses will wait at a student’s stop for 3 minutes before continuing to their next stop. All students will need to be out and ready for the bus 5 minutes prior to the bus arriving unless:

      • The weather is too cold to wait outside.

      • If you live in an apartment, you may want to wait at the bus stop in your vehicle.

      • Your student uses a wheelchair.


    • Under normal circumstances, students will not be picked up or delivered outside the boundaries of the Dallas Independent School District. 

    • Driver and bus attendants are not be permitted to carry students on and off the bus.

    • Students that cannot walk up the stairs to board, but can walk to their seat once on board, may be offered a transport chair to use on the lift only, then transfer to a bus seat.

    • Students must be able to walk on/off or use a lift with a secure and approved wheelchair. This includes: a securement safety belt, good brakes, appropriate head rest (if needed).

    • Scooters and stroller-type wheel chairs are not compliant with Federal Safety Standards and will not be permitted during transport.

    • At drop off, if no adult is present to receive the student, the driver will alert dispatch and continue on the route. The driver will attempt to return at the end of the route to drop the student off. If no adult is present to receive the student at this time, School Police will be called.

    • Bus drivers are not authorized to change pickup and/or delivery addresses. 

    WHEELCHAIRS: All wheelchairs must be compliant with Federal & State Standards.

    • All wheelchairs must be secured with 4 securements and a shoulder lap belt. All students also must be secured within the wheelchair itself.

    • Brakes and head and/or foot supports must always be tight and secure.

    • If any of the above items are not working properly, it may result in transportation delays.

    • Parents are responsible to make sure the wheelchair is safe and compliant for transport.

    LIFTS: Only DISD employees may operate bus lifts

    E - Link 

    Please use the Tyler's Versatrans e-Link System to find your child's route information. 

    For information on how to access the Tyler's Versatrans e-Link System please click here