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    Prior procurement information is available online if Board approval was required. Documentation for Board decisions from April 9, 2015, to the present is available at https://go.boarddocs.com/tx/disd/Board.nsf/vpublic?open. Vendors may select the “Meetings” tab and search by keyword or meeting date. Please note that the Board takes official action at the meetings titled “Board Meeting” and “Called Board Meeting.”

    **NOTE: the information found in the Board Doc column (6.32-121919 = agenda item #-board meeting date) can be used to search for the Board approval in the Board Docs portal.**

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Bid Type RFQ/Bid # Start Date End Date Board Doc Description Buyer Phone Number
Bid 205194 1-Apr-18 31-Mar-22 7.15-32218 504 Health Care Program RODRIGUEZ, FRANCIS C (972) 925-4103
Bid 205670 21-Apr-20 31-Mar-22 7.11-04232020 Adult Sign Language Services RODRIGUEZ, FRANCIS C (972) 925-4103
Bid 205819 10-Aug-20 31-Aug-23 205819 Afterschool Attendance Tracker RANGEL, ANGELA (972) 925-4139
Bid 205280 24-Aug-18 23-Aug-21 7.40-092718 Alarm Monitoring Dispatch Module TERRELL, MICHAEL A (972) 925-4125
Bid RFQ - Coop RFQ 205681 1-Jan-20 31-Dec-21 6.32-121919 Alternative Student Transportation (Omnia Partners R190401) VILORIA, ROSA T (972) 925-4158
Bid RFQ - Informal/Go PO 206182 8-Feb-21 8-Feb-22 206182 Animal Services HERRERA, MICHELLE (972) 925-4144
Bid RFQ - Coop RFQ 206071 10-Nov-20 1-Sep-21 DIR-TSO 4247 Anixter Inc. JACKSON, VANDA T (972) 925-4165
Bid 205601 29-Oct-19 30-Oct-22 6.11-101719 Annual Financial Advisor RODRIGUEZ, FRANCIS C (972) 925-4103
Bid 205707 26-Mar-20 31-Mar-22 7.15-03262020 Annual Financial Audit Services RODRIGUEZ, FRANCIS C (972) 925-4103
Bid 205519 22-Aug-19 30-Sep-21 7.22-082219 Annual Financial Services RODRIGUEZ, FRANCIS C (972) 925-4103
Bid RFQ - Coop RFQ 205902 22-Mar-18 31-Mar-22 7.17-3222018 Approved Interlocal Agreements YARBOUGH, CANDACE G (972) 925-4109
Bid 205923 1-Dec-20 31-Dec-23 8.43-12172020 Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) for Removal and Disposal at all District Facilities TERRELL, MICHAEL A (972) 925-4125
Bid 205186 1-Apr-18 30-Jun-21 8.08-32218 Assessment and Analytics Module JACKSON, VANDA T (972) 925-4165
Bid 205826 25-Jun-20 30-Jun-23 7.31-6252020 Athletic and PE Equipment, Supplies, Apparel and Services for Districtwide Use JONES, TORO B (972) 925-4138
Bid 205270 1-Aug-18 30-Aug-21 8.05-82318 Athletic Facilities Concessions HILL, KENVA (972) 925-4102
Bid 205664 19-Dec-19 18-Dec-22 6.35-121919 Athletic Field Construction and Renovation HERRERA, MICHELLE (972) 925-4144
Bid 205748 28-May-20 27-May-23 7.19-052820 Athletic Insurance JACKSON, VANDA T (972) 925-4165
Bid 205486 27-Jun-19 31-May-22 8.32-062719 Athletic, PE and Gymnasium Equip. & Supplies and Maintenance & Repair Services HERRERA, MICHELLE (972) 925-4144
Bid 205339 1-Dec-18 30-Nov-21 8.02-111518 Attendance/Truancy Tracker and Software JACKSON, VANDA T (972) 925-4165
Bid 205565 17-Dec-19 29-Aug-22 7.06-112119 Audio Visual Displays and Related Installation Services JACKSON, VANDA T (972) 925-4165
Bid 205767 29-May-20 29-May-23 7.12-052820 Audio Visual Equipment, Software & Services for Athletics JACKSON, VANDA T (972) 925-4165
Bid 205249 1-Jul-18 30-Jun-21 6.48-62118 Audio/Visual Event Services JACKSON, VANDA T (972) 925-4165
Bid RFQ - Coop RFQ 205586 14-Oct-19 22-Apr-22 EPCNT - WeatherfordISD RFP #1022-17 Audiology Equipment - OTICON, Inc. RANGEL, ANGELA (972) 925-4139
Bid 205771 23-Apr-20 31-Mar-23 7.38-04232020 Auditorium Maintenance and Equipment RANGEL, ANGELA (972) 925-4139
Bid 205201 1-Jun-18 30-Jun-21 7.07-5242018 Auto Liability Third Party Administrator - AS&G Claims Administration, Inc. RODRIGUEZ, FRANCIS C (972) 925-4103
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