• Below are a few ideas for science fair projects. Do ask your teacher or the librarian for other ideas or explore for ideas by clicking on the links below the bulb.

    K – 1st

    • Food Pyramid
    • Sorting and Classification of Dinosaurs
    • Smell: Sniffing Jars
    • Plants and Water
    • Exploring Taste
    • Static Electricity with Balloons


    • Human Body
    • Space And Astronomy
    • Life Cycle of a Frog
    • String Phone (sound)
    • Egg Drop
    • Grow Salt Crystals
    • Paper Airplanes (test different papers)


    • Volcanos
    • Make a Kaleidoscope
    • Make a robot
    • Germs
    • Video Games (positive & negative effects)
    • How does a parachute work?
    • Rain Gauge
    • How colors affect emotions