• Referral Process

  • High School Students

    1.Eligible students will be identified and contacted by counseling services team at the students home campus.

    2.The home school counselor, student, and student’s parent will determine the best pathway for student success via Dallas ISD services.

    3.The home school counselor will complete the referral form, send it with the student, and inform the student of the enrollment period at the appropriate network Phoenix program.

    4.The student and the designated personnel at the home school will complete the Dallas ISD paperwork for student in-district (open enrollment) transfers.

  • Enrollment

    1.The student arrives at the registrar’s office new site for regular enrollment as a transfer/new student

    2.The student will be directed to the network Phoenix site intake center.

    3.The receiving counselor will complete the Phoenix student success plan and complete the student’s schedule. 

    4.The enrolled student will be released to attend Phoenix classes at the site.

    *Enrollment is capped at 100 students per site