• Quick Facts

    Principal: Nikki Hudson

    Grade Levels: 6-8

    Trustee District: District 7 

    School Division/Feeder Pattern:


    Our mission is to erase the opportunity gap in our community.  


    Our vision is to be the premier choice middle school making transformational change south of the Trinity.  

    Uniform Colors:
    • 6th graders:

      White collared shirt, short or long -sleeved

    • 7th graders:

      Red collared shirt, short or long-sleeved

    • 8th graders:

      Black collared shirt, short or long-sleeved

       All students are required to wear khaki pants, skirts, or shorts– no cargo pants or shorts

    School Colors:
    Red and White

    Mascot: Panther


    School bell calendar