• DESA's Vision and Mission: 

    At Dallas Environmental Science Academy, our mission is to develop the foundation of a scientific workforce that will protect and sustain our environment today and for future generations.

    DESA offers a stimulating, hands-on educational program for middle school students. The curriculum prepares students in core competencies that are directly correlated with college and workforce readiness. These include critical thinking and problem solving, data analysis, initiative, collaboration and teamwork, presentation skills, imagination and curiosity, and leadership.

    The curriculum is enriched with real-world applications and field experiences. Students visit colleges and universities, participate in engineering engagements and math competitions, and work with environmental agents.

    Each school year culminates in a three-day outdoor study in Glen Rose, Texas for our 8th graders. School staff and parent volunteers work with students in various environmental elements assisting them with gathering, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data. Students also benefit from various speakers—astronomers, environmentalists, herpetologists—and field excursions including, hiking, rock climbing, zip lining, and a Fossil Rim Safari. These experiences promote our students' abilities to think like ascientist while building the foundation of future innovators.