DESA Quick Facts


    Principal:  Mrs. Tameka Whitney

    Grade levels:  6th-8th

    Trustee district: District 8

    School Division/Feeder Pattern:  Magnet Schools

    Mission Statement:  To develop the foundation of a scientific workforce that will protect and sustain our environment today and for future generations.

    School Motto:  “On time, on task and on a mission to provide and achieve excellence for all...with no excuses.”

    Hours/Bell schedule:  8:35 AM - 3:55 PM

    Uniform Shirts:               6th Grade: Gold              7th Grade: Royal Blue                      8th Grade: Red

    Uniform Bottoms:  Black Slacks, Skirts or Jumpers 

    Mascot:  Eagle

    School colors:  Red and White

    Enrollment:  428

    Number of teachers:  26